community Energy

community Energy

£4 million boost for

82 local energy schemes

16 January 2012

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne today announced the first 82 local energy projects to win funding from the new £10m Local Energy Assessment Fund.

Winning bids include opening show homes to demonstrate solid wall insulation to the public, schemes to check the energy efficiency of homes and invest in renewable energy, and events to promote the uptake of energy efficiency in local communities.

Clink link for further information from DECC

24th May 2011 there should be some details in the following speech which should help community energy projects:

Deputy Prime Minister’s speech on Green Growth at the Climate Change Capital

and some people responses; Green Building Council

The government is committed to localisium agenda.  The following is taken for DECC site about community energy.  The Government is committed to tackling climate change and supporting the transition to secure, safe, low-carbon, affordable energy systems in the UK.  

Demand for fossil fuels is set to increase as a result of the huge rise in the world population and the growing wealth of emerging economies. A significant percentage of the carbon emissions and green house gases affecting the world’s climate come from heating, powering and cooling our homes and businesses. In addition, almost all decisions about how the way we use energy in these places, especially in relation to heat, are made at a local level or in individual buildings. This means we’re unlikely to deliver on any of the goals set out above, if we don’t take action at a local or community level, and this means that local low carbon and renewable energy systems are a vital part of a holistic solution.

The Government aims to make localism a reality by delegating power to the levels of authority which are nearest to the communities they serve.